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I help leaders and their teams find renewed excitement and meaning in their work, home and other life experiences by embracing the impact they can enjoy through the power of ONE. I also help people overcome the personal mountains keeping them from fulfillment, happiness and success.

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I’m all about restoring enthusiasm and passion in individuals, teams and organizations through fresh, creative thinking about their unrealized influence and impact. 

Within their own settings, attendees will see increased potential through the power of affecting one and not just the many. As a result, they can re-discover their focus, purpose and sense of making a difference. I also help individuals overcome losses that may be holding them back. Through a simple but life-changing concept and illustration, they can begin to anticipate and embrace the fact that their influence can change the lives of those they once thought beyond their reach.


Meet Gary

Meet Gary

I’m an experienced, certified speaker with the John Maxwell Team, life and leadership coach, author of six books, social media contributor, professional counselor and humorist. I've been a participant and speaker in education, business, faith ministries, non-profits and the helping professions.

As a former educator, pastor and counselor, I also have a passion for those who continue to serve in similar people-helping fields. I know from experience that they often feel like that they don't matter as much and have lost their initial purpose.

As a result, my core presentations focus on overcoming and making a difference. They're filled with illustrations, humor, timeless practical applications and lessons that both inspire and can be put into practice the same day..

Two of my books, Never Quit Climbing and Finding Dominoes, address these key issues and more, both works and others available at I’ve obtained two graduate degrees, was awarded Father Figure of the Year in Illinois and was Counselor of the Year.

I’m real, honest and passionate!  My presentations touch me and those I speak to in powerful ways. I love to connect with my audience, showing them their potential for change and impact. I've been in love with my wife Jackie since 1976, have two grown kids and six grandsons.

I also enjoy great coffee, the mountains (I've climbed nine 14ers), football, travel and meeting new people. I’ve spoken over 20 times in Eastern Europe, Japan, Ecuador, Guatemala, Turkey and France.


Gary's Talks

Finding Dominoes:
Changing Your World One Encounter
At A Time.

Everybody can impact one person, but many teams and leaders don’t believe they can influence others and make a difference. And those in the people-helping professions encounter people all the time who, given the right encouragement, resources and attention, have the potential to literally change the world in some significant way. They're like the first domino of big display.

This talk gives practical examples of “domino toppling,” and how an encounter with just one can radically and significantly transform someone for years to come. This talk or workshop provides reminders and practical guidelines about the power of connecting with one individual, what to look for, what to do and what not to do. People leave my sessions with new purpose, greater enthusiasm and passion plus the tools to see and respond to a “domino moment” no matter where they are or who they're with.

Those in the helping professions will especially resonate with the principles and challenges in this talk and realize they actually do matter perhaps in ways they never imagined.

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Never Quit Climbing:
Overcoming Life’s Seemingly Insurmountable Mountains.

We all have personal mountains that suddenly appear before us. They include debt, broken relationships, loss, fear, illnesses, firings and a sense that life doesn’t mean much anymore.

This talk uses mountain climbing principles that also apply to conquering our life mountains. It includes numerous captivating stories and illustrations of how strategies of overcoming mountains of granite can be applied to the peaks that overwhelm us.

The audience will walk away with several of the most important and strategic concepts that will help them best be successful on their climbs.

This talk is valuable both for individuals, family groups and also for organizations facing huge corporate challenges. They will discover as they change and apply these guidelines together that their productivity, profitability and general attitudes will also be moved in a positive direction.

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The Power of  Engagement:
Why People Love Their Job and Get Up Every Morning.


Unhealthy team dynamics don't announce their arrival. They creep in over time with little, hardly-noticed, no-big-deal (we think) influences that work their way into the system and relationships. Soon the organization has a culture of dysfunction that has found a fertile place to reside and few even notice.

This talk is designed to be preventative but will no doubt be prescriptive. Either way, organizations, their leaders and team members can learn how to utilize these principles effectively and help their implementation become the norm rather than the exception. The application of these principles also typically increases a healthy, pleasant, engaging, desirable, more productive and effective work environment.


Gerry Schroeder

Director, Leader Trainer

Gary is an exceptional speaker with a talent for making his ideas memorable and easy to understand. He uses entertaining examples while his distinctive communication style has left a lasting impression on audiences around the world.

"Gary was a breath of fresh air in a moment that I was feeling burnt out with my job and the world. I was so moved by his presentation that I had tears in my eyes.."

-RN, Health nurse, Boone County, Indiana


Mike Kendall, Principal

Moves The Needle Managing Director,

The Customer Lab.

Gary’s a shining example of how to calm a storm and achieve great things. His affable and often humorous style draws listeners in while inspiring change. He is an expert public speaker evoking affection and introspection in his listeners. 

"Gary nailed it with Never Quit Climbing!"


S. Meranda

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Henry Butch Nichols

Elder, Connection Pointe Christian Church

Gary has been and continues to be a valuable contributor to our men's gatherings. He consistently provides pragmatically, biblically based challenges that motivate and inspire as he shares wisdom gained through his life experiences.

"His stories are examples of never knowing what a small word of encouragement or a gesture can do in a person's life."

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