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Communication That's Practical & Connects

To have a great conference, workshop or training, you want someone who is knowledgeable and brings experience and wisdom that people want to hear. However, a poor communicator can spoil those goals and intentions in minutes. So I work hard to be an outstanding, inspiring, memorable speaker, writer and humorist who brings clarity and practicality to everything he does or produces.

My Story in Brief

I'm a climber, motivator, Master's level speaker, author, coach, educator, faith leader, parent and grandparent. I've loved the mountains since I was a kid, so many of my illustrations are drawn from the high country above tree level. However, I'm  also passionate about sharing what we've learned through my wife's cancer, my transplant and years of serving others and helping people be overcomers of the mountains they're facing.

You may not know me, but I would like to know you. In everyday life I often spend time with just one person knowing they could go on to reach hundreds, even thousands. I want to also share that message  with people serving others such as teachers, medical professionals, mental health experts and the faith community.

Gary's Books

All of my writings are short, practical and worth the read, filled with real illustrations, captivating stories and ideas that you'll both resonate with and use. And they're all available in both eBook and paperback at

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