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Big or Little Things That Matter?

How's this for wisdom to follow? Sweat the small stuff. Don't sweat the little things. Measure twice, cut once. Be yourself. If you can dream it, you can do it. Work hard, reaching the top doesn't just happen.

Hmm. You gotta wonder who's right and who's missing the truth by a mile? Or, is the supposed wisdom on either extreme a staple in your lifestyle?

A good friend and former neighbor passed away a couple of nights ago. He was far too young to have a terminal brain tumor and for his wife, young adult sons and others who loved him to have to face the grief that results from such tragic loss.

However, it's in these moments that those in settings like our friends are facing we can begin to wonder what we could have done, should have said or would do now if given the chance. Oh, if only there were one more day.

Were our wished-for-more moments more about for big things or little things? It seems to me that both are involved.

Some common BIG areas. What about big trips, Bucket List items that were discussed but never delivered? Would we have wished for a couple more of those? What about considering goals and plans bigger than ourselves that together we might have tried, even once, but never qot around to it.

How did we do with the personal, deeper comments and overall communication over time about life, faith, commitment, personal growth and the like? Were we there for them in some of the worst times of their lives?

Yes, if we had to reflect on some major trial or challenge we've faced, there would no doubt be a list of big things that of course we would love to have back to do again.

But there are also SMALLER considerations that we might like a mulligan on as well. (For you non-golfers a mulligan is getting a do over for a poor tee shot). Did we spend enough everyday time together? When they wanted to do something simple like go for a walk, go sit on the deck after dark or re-visit their former home, school, work place just because. Did we ever do one of those? Little things? Yes. Do they matter? Probably.

Or did we meaningfully give a regular caring, loving greeting when we saw them again? Did we ever do anything spur of the moment, just random, with no real preparation, that was a special act or surprise?

Were we silly? Did we laugh? I'm sure we all can think of lots more actions in both arenas, BIG and SMALL.

So what can you do now to at least reduce the regrets you might have when that person's not around and there won't be ONE MORE DAY. In the New Testament of the Bible, we're challenged to, "Make the most of every opportunity." Ephesians 5:16

How about starting a list that you might choose from? It can actually be fun once our brains and hearts get going about the potential and then do the first item and see the benefit.

The bad news? We've lost people with whom we have no second chances. The good news? We have all sorts of opportunities ahead of us to leave as many regrets behind us as possible by taking the time to actually enjoy those we love just a little bit more. Big or small.

We just have to think about them NOW. So start your list.


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